14 Tips to Catch Repeat Visitors to Your Site

Once you get a visitor, you want to keep them.  You want them to stay on your site, read your content, and get to know you.  You want them to join your list or buy one of your products.  And you want them to come back again and again.

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Although you will always get surfers who come and go, the return factor — your visitor’s decision to come back to your site again and again — is largely in your control.   Here are some tips to boost your return factor:

  1.  Don’t make your readers guess what your site is about.  Your home page should give a good introduction to your site.  Your “about” page should tell your visitors what you and your site are about.
  2. Your navigation design should be user-friendly.  Have a clearly organized site menu in an obvious place — top or side of each page is best — with appropriate subheadings if you have lots of pages.
  3. You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king.”  Well, be sure you do a royal job with it.  Your blog posts and articles should be substantive, well-written, and on point with your subject matter.  The products you sell or link to should be of high quality and pertinent to the topic of your site.
  4. Make your site easy on the eyes.  Use black text on a white background.  Use tasteful and welcoming colors.  Images attract people and help keep your visitors on your site, so be sure to include them
  5. Design a clean, well-organized page layout and use it consistently throughout your site.
  6. Is your layout viewable for all screen resolutions?  Having to scroll side-to-side to read your page will be annoying to your visitors.  They won’t stick around to do it.  Fix your resolution.
  7.  Images and eye-catching graphics are important but don’t overload your site with them.  Graphics, animation, videos, and music slow down the loading time of your pages.  Your visitors may not wait for all your doo-dads to load.  Use them but don’t go overboard.
  8. When you are building your site, test it on all the most popular browsers.  You want all your visitors to have a good experience, not just those who share the browser you use.
  9. Use high resolution graphics, especially if you sell physical products on your site.  You want your visitors to have a good look at the items you have to sell.
  10. Go through your website the way a first-time visitor would before you publish it.  Better yet, ask your friends and family to do it, too, and let you know what they think.
  11. If at all possible, get your site professionally built.  You will incur some cost for it but having a good-looking, well-functioning site enhances your credibility with your visitors.
  12. By all means, make sure your visitors can reach you.  Have a contact form, have links to your social media pages, and, most importantly, give your visitors lots of opportunities to opt in to your list.  Put an opt-in form on your sidebar and at the end of every post.  Make sure you offer a high-quality give-away to encourage opt ins.
  13. If you have a blog and accept comments, make it a top priority to manage them.  Read and respond to comments promptly.  Invite comments at the end of each post. And to avoid an enormous headache, install a plug-in that will filter out spam.
  14. Uncle Google loves change.  So do the other search engines.  Add fresh content regularly and make sure it always looks good.  Make sure your links are always live, too.

Having an inviting and well-organized site will help you get visitors, keep them on your site longer, and make them want to return.  Implement these suggestions and your site will be a magnet for visitors.

Do you have other suggestions to keep people on your site and to keep them coming back?  Share them in the comments below.

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