How to Beat Writer’s Block the Blogger’s Way

There are times when a blogger, like any other writer, will ‘loose the muse.’ Every idea that comes to mind seems either trite or dull or, worse still, no ideas come to mind. What’s a blogger to do? How to beat writer’s block?  Here are five tactics that just might clear away the cobwebs and allow you to find an inspiring idea for another great post:

What’s New?

Start with the news! Open up your favorite news page or open a newspaper and see what catches your attention. What are the politicians up to today? Any pending legislation that worries you or flat out scares you? Or perhaps someone is running for office or proposing a law that you may want to publicly support.


how to beat writer's block

Some celebrity is sure to be in trouble again; have anything to say about that? Maybe you have an idea about who should be dating or marrying who. Have any prominent people died? A nice memorial post for a noteworthy person may be in order. What happened “On This Date” in past years? Some past events are worth researching and writing about.

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Keep Your Blog Visitors Coming Back

Every blogger wants the same thing:  to keep your blog visitors coming back.  When you have repeat readers, you have a chance to build community and credibility.  Making sales to regular readers is easier than to first-time blog visitors.  You can introduce your goods and services to your audience and create buzz about new launches.

And if you can keep your blog visitors coming back, it gives you a great opportunity to learn from your audience.  You’ll get their comments, their feedback on your products, and their questions in your field of expertise.  What a goldmine that is — almost a blueprint for you to plan your content and your next product.

Keep your blog visitors coming back

So how do you do it?  How do you make your blog visitors coming back for more?  Here are some tips.

Post Often

Want them coming back?  Give them something new to read.  Update daily or even more often if at all possible.  If you don’t, why on earth would your readers come back.  Surely each of your posts is a little pearl of wisdom, but your readers will only re-read them so many times before they move on for good.

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Two Things I Have Learned About Motivation

In the last several weeks, I have been working on a PLR product about motivation.  So I’ve been reading, thinking, and writing about motivation a lot.  I’ve also been reflecting on my own experiences with being and staying motivated — or not.  And my philosophy on motivation boils down to two things.  First, if you want to be true to your goals, be sure that your goals are your own.  And second, if you aren’t motivated to work towards goals that are legitimately your own, your key to discovering why is mindfulness.


Make Your Goals Your Own

You will always find it difficult to commit to someone else’s goals.  I’m all for mentorships, advice from elders, family input, support groups, and community influence.  Listen to their advice but don’t let them make your decisions for you.

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5 Common Blogging Mistakes

There are lots of ways to blog.  You want to make your blog your own, reflecting your interests and personality.  Your blog’s uniqueness is one of the things that will bring and keep readers.  But there are some common blogging mistakes that bloggers make and you don’t want to make them.  If you are aware of them, you can avoid them.  Here are five of the most common.

Failure to Plan

To have a successful blog, you need to start with a plan. First, find a focus.  Although you can write about just about anything you can think of, you shouldn’t try to stuff it all into one blog. Make your focus narrow enough so that a returning reader won’t be surprised by the subject matter of your next blog post.

Common blogging mistakes

Think of what kind of content you want to publish.  Publishing often — preferably daily — will help the search engines find your blog.  You can write long posts or short ones or mix it up.  Your subject matter or your personality may determine your tone.  You can be chatty, academic, or anything in between.

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How To Find Fresh Content for Your Blog

Setting up a blog is easy.  Keeping it going is hard.  Every day, you need to find fresh content for your blog.  Keep reading to discover how and where to find it.

Find fresh content for your blog

Now, you should be posting every day.  Daily posting makes it easier for the search engines to find you, it fosters frequent visits by your readers, and it builds your image as an authority blogger.  But it doesn’t have to be a really long post.  A post as short as 300 words can be adequate.

Your Own Personal Interest In Your Niche

Chances are that your blog is either about a topic that you are personally interested in or a niche that you work in.  And, if you’re lucky, it’s about a niche that you work in because you are personally interested in it.  So you have a first step to finding content right there.  Write a post about what you are doing in your niche or about what interesting thing you are doing in your topic.

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