Group Time Management Tips for Business and Family

Managing time takes cooperation from everyone on your team, and in your family, for it to work. If everyone isn’t on board, you’ll end up with problems and urgent last-minute tasks that you can avoid. Here are some group time management tips for work and home.

Create a Shared Calendar

Whether it’s for your business team members or for your family, create a shared calendar to use so that nothing gets forgotten.  Put everything on the calendar from seeing a movie Friday night to holding a work session Tuesday for the project due on Thursday. Shared calendars prevent issues from arising and keep anything being forgotten.

Group Time Management Tips

Appoint Team Leaders

This works for business and family. If someone is in charge of a particular project, you avoid having to put out lots of little fires. The team leaders can deal with the small fires and only pass things on to you if they become more serious.

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