How to Manage Your Email

Email… you love what it lets you do. You can instantly reach out and touch just about anyone in the world that you want to. They can get back with you instantly. You don’t have to waste time on phone calls or person-to-person meetings. However, this amazing technology can become a time-stealing, headache-causing nightmare if you let it. You need to know how to manage your email.  Practice the following tips and strategies to take control of your email experience, rather than letting it control you.

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 1 – Stop saying yes to every free email opt-in report

There is nothing wrong with subscribing to an email list in order to get a free tool or report. However, this can get out of hand, cramming your email in-box with dozens or hundreds of posts each week.  Be selective about which email lists you join and stay on.  Reducing your email is a key step when you want to manage your email. 

You should, however, never pass up an opportunity to opt in to my list and get my freebies! 

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How to Create an Editorial Blog Calendar

An editorial blog calendar can make your blog more successful and make you more productive.  What’s an editorial blog calendar?  It’s a tool used by print and virtual publishers, businesses, bloggers and others to control the publication of content. It saves you valuable time by keeping you organized, and ends up making your blog more professional, consistent and successful.

An editorial blog calendar gives you a plan for your content, its creation, and delivery.

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How Often Should You Blog?

In the early days of blogging, bloggers had the same question that you may have yourself — how often should you blog?  For whatever reason, many bloggers thought the “once a week” schedule for boosting new content to your blog was optimal. The thinking was that if you kept Uncle Google happy, you would receive a lot of traffic. So bloggers figured they should publish once a week.  Those 52 pieces of new content on their blog each year would keep the search engines happy.  With that much new content, Uncle Google would reward bloggers with lots of traffic.

how often should you blog

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4 Ways To Automate Your Blog

Running a successful blog is a tough business. There is so much to do on a daily and weekly basis. You have to monitor and approve blog comments. There are new posts to write, you have to hunt down images and record videos, interact with social media and handle a dozen other tasks. Then tomorrow … you get to start all over again.  Isn’t there any way to automate your blog?

automate your blog

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