How Long Should An E-Book Be?

If you are a blogger, you may be really interested in building relationships and solving problems for your readers.  But to be in business, you’ve got to do business.  You’ve got to make money.  One excellent way to make money is by writing and selling an e-book.  If you ever thought of doing that, I bet you have one question on your mind:  How long should an e-book be?

how long should your e-book be?

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Should You Write An E-Book or Create A Course?

What’s the best way for you to monetize your blog?  Should you write an e-book or create a course?

Should you write an e-book?

E-books are a simple way for a blogger or some other type of online business owner to begin making money online. If you have a lot of knowledge on a particular subject, it might only take you a few days or weeks to write a simple e-book that can really help people in your niche or market. Some very successful e-books were written in an afternoon, in just a few short hours.

write an e-book

In fact, if you are a blogger, all you have to do is mine the information in your blog posts. This means you have no problem coming up with ideas and material for an e-book.

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[New PLR] Goal Crusher

I am always looking out for what’s new In PLR launches.  I write PLR and sell it, buy it, and use it.  Shaun and Cally have a new pack out that’s really impressive.  It’s called Goal Crusher. 

The topic of making and reaching goals is very powerful because you can adapt it to so many different niches.  Self-improvement, making money online, making money off-line, weight loss, health and wellness, saving and investing . . .  the list goes on and on.   And now that it’s the end of January, your readers may have gotten frustrated with their New Year’s resolutions.  This is a way to help them re-focus and get serious about their goals.

One of the things that’s impressive about this particular package is that it doesn’t just give you content.  It gives you marketing materials, too.  Among other things, the front end includes a sales page, thank you page, video sales letter and the landing page for your lead magnet. 

So here’s the detail.  The front-end is $7-$17 and includes the following:

Module 1:  Premium Quality E-book with chapter graphics

Module 2: Complete Checklist

Module 3:  Comprehensive Mind Map

Module 4:  High Converting Sales Page & Thank You Page

Module 5:  Compelling Video Sales Letter

Module 6:  Exclusive Lead Magnet

Module 7:  Professional Landing Page

Module 8:  Follow-up Email series

Module 9:  Professional-looking Graphics

Module 10:  License Certificates plus 3 Fast-Action Bonuses:  PLR Powerhouse, Sales Funnel Hacks and an unannounced bonus.

The OTO is $37 and includes:

Module 1:  High-quality Videos

Module 2:  High-converting Upsell Page

Module 3:  Professional Video Sales Letter

Module 4:  Professional Slides to All Videos

Module 5:  Complete Video Transcripts

Module 6:  Mp3 Audio Files

Module 7:  Private Label Rights to Pro Upgrade

Here’s the link:

Oh, I almost forgot.  They have another level of upgrade if you’re interested where they’ll set your package up as a new site for you.  I know that it can get tedious to keep getting upsell after upsell but, really, if you are technically inept like me, having someone set up your website for you is really helpful.  It can make the difference between putting the PLR package to use and having it sit on your hard drive until your laptop conks out.

Now, there are bonuses available, too.  I will be completely transparent with you that I did not create the bonuses and they aren’t exclusive to my subscribers.  Shaun and Cally created them as an incentive for their affiliates.  But if you order through my link, you get them.  The bonuses are:

1.        Goal Setter’s Sanctuary, teaching you techniques and tools for reaching your goals;

2.       Proclaiming Your Success or Failure, dealing with self-talk;

3.       Time Management and Goals, discussing aligning your goals with your values;

4.       What Deserves Your Attention, addressing discipline basics, treating others with love and respect, and gratitude, and

5.       Wired For Success, about investing in yourself and making career changes.

This is a very professionally made package that offers a lot of content.  Here is the link again:



7 Ways to Brainstorm Ideas for Your E-Book

Have you ever wanted to write an e-book?  Oh, really?  You have?  what about?  Oh, I see.  You like the idea of writing and publishing an e-book. But you just can’t figure out what to write about.  But don’t let that stop you.  There are lots of ways to brainstorm ideas for your e-book.  Here are seven.

1– Ask your audience.

If you already have regular readers on your blog, a social media following, or an e-mail list, you can ask them.  Just write a blog post, a social media post, or an email that asks what they want to know.  You can do it formally through a survey or informally by soliciting comments or a return e-mail.  

brainstorm ideas for your e-book

This works well for a couple of reasons. First, it allows you to put the power of multiple minds to work for you.  Second, it ensures you will have people interested in purchasing the final product.  After all, it will practically be made-to-order.

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Do People Still Buy E-Books? And If You Wrote One, Would They Buy Yours?

It goes without saying that the internet is an enormous marketplace.  You can buy anything on the net, whether or not you can get it in stores.  You can buy human skulls and urine-powered batteries.  How do I know that?  Because I just searched “strangest things you can buy online” and found pages and pages of blog posts on the subject.

Which brings me to the next truth about the internet.  You can get all sorts of information, easily, immediately, and at my favorite price — free!

If you can get almost any kind of information you want free on the internet, do information products still sell?  Or, a little bit more to the point, if you wrote and published an e-book, would it sell?

Well, the good news is that e-books sell. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book revenues were $100 million in January 2016.  $100 million.  One month.  No, that doesn’t include  physical books. I think there’s a market there.

In fact, bloggers, information product creators, and writers of all types have made quite a good living writing and selling e-books.  You can even by e-books on how to write and publish e-books.

So there’s the answer to the first question.  Yes, e-books still sell.  So, next question.  If YOU wrote an e-book, would it sell?

If you want to write an e-book that will sell, here are some tips.

First, build your audience.  The internet is a fabulous opportunity for that.  Start a blog, use social media to promote it and build community, and reach out to other bloggers and information product producers in your niche.

Paradoxically, one of the things that means is that, before you sell your writing online, you need to give it away for free.

Now, if you want to use free writing to entice your readers to pay for writing, you need to make your free writing good.  Write about things you are knowledgeable about.  Even if you start out knowledgeable, keep learning to develop your expertise.

Make sure the web content that you are giving away for free is useful to your reader.  Make sure that it solves a problem that is heavy on their heart.  That way, your readers will trust you when you publish a book that solves a big problem that they have.

While you are blogging and engaging with your readers and your peers, be sure to listen hard.  At the same time that you are developing your expertise in your field, hone your understanding of your audience.  Learn to feel their pain.  See what their biggest issues are.  Solve them for them.

Then, write the best book you’ve got in you, full of insight and practical advice, and aimed directly to people that you know, from your interactions on your blog and in social media.  Be sure your written product is excellent.  If you doubt your ability to write well, hire an editor on Fiverr.

Make the delivery process painless and instant. Your sales page should be complete and correct.  It should load quickly and look nice.  The payment interface should go off without a hitch.  The download process should work  flawlessly.  Test it all thoroughly before you go live.

The truth is that e-books sell.  It’s also true that writing, publishing, and marketing an e-book are easier now than at any time in history.  I mean, really.  Aren’t you glad you don’t need to write out each copy with a quill pen?

The rest of the truth is that you can write an e-book that sells.  Be sure that the content of your book is excellent and aimed correctly at your audience, the writing is professional, and the delivery is flawless.

Then you can do it.  You can succeed.  You can write an e-book that sells.