Amazon Affiliates Face a Big Change

Amazon has made a big change in its commission structure and Amazon affiliates aren’t happy.

Amazon affiliates

They’ve gone and shifted the commission structure from a numbers-sold approach to a category-of-product approach.  Most successful affiliates think that they will be losing money as a result of that change.

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Do You Need A Website for Affiliate Marketing?

When I hear people asking if they need a website for affiliate marketing, it reminds me of what I used to say to my daughter when she was trying to get out of doing her math homework.

She would be fussing and arguing.  And I would say to her, “If you spent as much time and effort doing your homework as you spend trying to get out of it, you’d be finished by now and you could go out and play with your friends.”

website for affiliate marketing
Don’t waste your energy on trying to get out of doing your homework. Just do your homework.

You don’t need a website for affiliate marketing

Do you need a website for affiliate marketing?  No.  But it’s easy and cheap to start a WordPress blog.  If you look hard enough, you can get webhosting for a couple of dollars a month and they’ll throw in a free domain.

Once you’ve made that enormous investment, you can have a blog installed in 15 minutes or less.  So why try to find a work-around?  Just put up a blog.

But yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website.  The trick is to post in a forum or a social media site and use your affiliate link directly to the product’s sales page.

Now, there are social media sites (and other sites, too) that won’t accept affiliate links.  Violating the terms of service and putting affiliate links up anyway can get your post removed or even get your account banned.  And some affiliate sites require you to have your own site and won’t permit their links on social media sites.

So read the TOS, of both the social media site and the affiliate site, and be sure you comply with them. And don’t forget that TOS change often and without notice.  So what works for a while may not work forever.

But you should just go ahead and put up a website anyway

And that gets me back to the conversation I had with my daughter when she was trying to get out of doing her math homework.  Just do your homework.  It’s easier than trying to get out of it.

website for affiliate marketing
Do you need a website for affiliate marketing? No. But put one up anyway.

Just get yourself a website for affiliate marketing.  Put up a WordPress blog.  It’s easier than trying to do affiliate marketing on social media.  Your website will be your own property.  No one can change the TOS out from under you or ban your account because you posted an affiliate link.

In fact, once you have a blog, you have more power to do more and better affiliate marketing.  Provide valuable information so that you gain a readership who comes to trust you.  Offer a freebie to get people to sign up for your email campaigns.  Cross-sell and upsell complementary affiliate products along with your main product.

So, yeah, you can do affiliate marketing without a website.  But why bother?

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Monetize Your Niche Site with Affiliate Marketing

There are a few ways to build affiliate marketing sites.  First, you can have a blog on some topic — like this one on internet marketing — and include affiliate links throughout the site that correspond to the subject matter of each post.  You can also put up a very limited site, sometimes just a sales page, that promotes a single product.  Sometimes marketers will promote information products this way.  And, lastly, you can monetize your niche site with affiliate marketing.  That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

monetize your niche site with affiliate marketing
Got a niche site — or want one? Monetize it with affiliate marketing.

What’s A Niche Site?

A niche site is a blog devoted to a single, narrow topic.  It is informational in content but there’s room for affiliate reviews.  You can also pepper your blog posts with prudently chosen affiliate links.  And you can place banner ads or other graphic ads within the posts and in the sidebar.

When you pick your niche, you want to do a Goldilocks routine.  You don’t want it too broad or too narrow.  Like Goldilocks, you want it just right.  So don’t pick “fitness.”  That’s way too broad.  And don’t pick “fitness for centenarians” because that will limit your audience too much.

Pick something like “fitness for people too busy to go to the gym” or “fitness for people who are more than 100 pounds or more overweight.”  There are enough people who fall into the category.  Enough of those people are internet savvy and will be looking there for solutions to their problems.  And both of those niches would give a marketer plenty of information to offer as well as plenty of physical and digital products to sell.

Don’t Just Sell Stuff

Be sure to populate your blog with lots of information that’s helpful to your target audience.  The search engines will love it but, more than that, your readers will love it. While being sure that you have create a robust site, monetize your niche site with affiliate marketing.

When you choose the products you want to promote, be creative and think like your readers.   Want to offer resistance bands for exercising?  That’s a great idea.  But don’t forget that people who are too busy to go to the gym and people who are more than 100 pounds overweight probably won’t know how to use them.  So sell them an instructional DVD, too.

Your readers won’t be in shape.  So when they start to exercise, they’ll be sore.  Sell heating pads and Ben-Gay.

Maybe they just won’t be into resistance bands.  So sell them an exercise bicycle.  Or a real bicycle.

Solve Your Readers’ Problems

If you want to monetize your niche site with affiliate marketing, here’s the key.  Remember that the people seeking out and reading your blog are real people with real problems that cause them pain.  Do what you can to solve the problem and end the pain.

Be sure the blog posts on your niche site contain helpful and accurate information.  Suggest high quality products to your readers that will help them solve their problem.  You’ll make sales and they’ll get help.

Do you monetize your niche site with affiliate marketing?  Tell us how you’ve done it in the comments.








Where to Get Your Affiliate Marketing Content

To promote your affiliate offers, you’ll need lots of high quality affiliate marketing content.  You’ll need posts for your blog, content for your emails, tweets, Facebook group blurbs, and even more than that.  Where are you going to get all that stuff?  I’ve got some ideas for you.

affiliate marketing content
You know you need good affiliate marketing content to promote your affiliate offers. Where are you going to get it?

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Get Advance Notice of Internet Marketing Product Launches

It’s not necessary for affiliate marketers to play the launch game.  You can do very well as an affiliate promoting “old stand-by” products.  But a whole subset of the affiliate marketing arena involves product launches, especially when you’re dealing with internet marketing digital downloads.  Since that’s the case, you’ll always want to know in advance about upcoming internet marketing product launches.   I’ve got three resources for you so that you can be in the know.

internet marketing product launches
Keep abreast of upcoming internet marketing product launches.

Why It’s Good To Be In The Know About Upcoming Launches

If you are promoting a product that’s getting a full-blown product launch, you’ll want to be ready on launch day.  If other affiliates have a head start over you, you can easily miss out on sales.  You wouldn’t want that, now, would you? So you want to be ready with your promotions as soon as the launch goes live.

Many affiliate marketers block a day or a few days for any one launch.  They don’t send out emails more than once a day and they don’t promote more than one thing in any email.  So to manage your promotion schedule, you’ll want advance notice of the launches.

And besides, you’ll want to be able to get your bonus ready.  You may not want or need to do a bonus for every product you promote.  If you are promoting a very competitive product, though, many other affiliates will be offering bonuses.  You won’t want to be left behind.

Munch Eye

One place to go for upcoming internet marketing product launches is MunchEye.  The front page lists the launches in columns organized by dates.  Each launch is linked to an informational page that gives basic information, such as the seller, the launch date, the price of the front-end product, the commission, the affiliate network, and a link to the JV page.  On the same informational page, you can also sign up to get notice of new launches by that seller.

JV Notify Pro

Another site that lists upcoming internet marketing product launches is JV Notify Pro. Like Munch Eye, each of the launches in the list links to a page where you can get more information about the product.  JV Notify Pro also has an opt-in form to their e-mail list.  Mike Merz Sr. e-mails regularly with news of upcoming launches.  You may want to get on that list if you want to be in the know.

Product Creators’ Individual Lists

Most marketers that create products on a regular basis also maintain affiliate lists.  Typically, an affiliate list is not the same as a customer list. As a result, if you are on the customer list of a product creator that you admire, you won’t be getting notice of their launches.  But being on a customer list is a good place to start. You want to promote sellers whose products you respect and that you would use — and have used – yourself.

Your experience as a buyer will help you to decide whether you want to promote that seller or not.  If you do want to promote them, Google them to find their blog or home page and see if they have an opt-in for notifications of affiliate launches.  Or simply reply to an e-mail that you receive on their customer list and ask how you can join their affiliate list.

When product creators get ready to launch, they routinely email their affiliate lists so that the affiliates can create a bonus and put the launch on their promotion schedule.  When you get the notification, you’ll be ready to take action.

If you promote internet marketing launches, you’ll want to know in advance what launches are coming up.  Tune into the buzz.  These three ways of keeping up with new launches will help you stay in the know.

Do you know of other ways to keep up with internet marketing product launches? Let us know in the comments.