3 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Instant Traffic

You have a new website and of course you want tons of traffic instantly because, well, why wait around?  Maybe it’s a squeeze page that will get you a list’s worth of opt-ins, maybe it’s a blog post that will set you apart as an influencer in your field, maybe it’s a page you’ve got filled with affiliate links to the hottest new must-have consumer folly.  But time is money and you need your traffic NOW.

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There are three sure-fire ways to get traffic instantly.  You can buy targeted traffic to your site, you can email your list, or you can enter into a joint venture, or JV, and share traffic with your JV partner.

Just about every search engine sells ads but . . . it goes without saying . . . that the granddaddy of them all is Uncle Google.  Google’s online ad program is called Adwords.  Now, if you are going to fork out cash for the privilege, knowing how to use Google Adwords well is essential.  When you’re paying for the traffic, you can wind up spending lots of cash without good results unless you know what you’re doing.  So before you pull out your credit card, be sure to educate yourself in the effective use of Google Adwords. Find a tutorial or a few blog posts that give you a comprehensive introduction.  To find them, you just need . . . it goes with saying . . . to Google it.

Now, you may not have been a purchaser of paid traffic before but you almost certainly have been a target of it.  You go to a website and see a picture of, say, a smiling family in front of a beautiful house.  You click on the picture and, voila, there you are on a site ready to collect your personal data and submit it for a mortgage.

Or you’re cruising your news feed on Facebook and glance a picture of a fetching little dress out of the corner of your right eye.  Click on it and you are suddenly on a site where you can browse pages and pages of women’s clothes.

Both of those examples are a type of advertising called Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC. You design your ad, set a daily budget, and determine parameters for when and how the ad will show.  Then Uncle Google will publish it.  Visitors to websites will see your ad and you will pay only when someone clicks on your link.

Be inventive, attentive, and analytical when you monitor your PPC results. Track sources, conversions, and costs.  Test your ad, tweak it, and test it again.  That’s the way to get the most traffic for the lowest cost.

So the first sure-fire way to get instant traffic is a pay-per-click ad campaign.  The second way is to email to your list.  No list, you say?  Then make building a list one of your first priorities as you build your online business.

Here’s how it works.  As people get to your site, whether by PPC, SEO, social media, or sheer dumb luck, they may look around and then surf along.  You may or may not get them back again unless you lasso them.  Your list will lasso them.

First, make them an offer they can’t refuse.  Give them a free short report, some free PLR, a free checklist that will teach them an efficient and important process, some free graphics, or a free month on your membership site.  (The operative word in that sentence is “free”.)  Give the freebie away but be sure to get an email address first.  Then, voila, you have a list.

Treat your list with the care it deserves.  Almost all serious marketers mail out daily.  Some marketers will mail more than once a day.  Some marketers send only promotional emails, some send a series of free informational emails that lead to a sales pitch, others mix it up.  You will find your own style, one that fits you, your subscribers, and your niche.

And once you have a responsive list, full of subscribers that love to hear from you, you will have a sure-fire way to get instant traffic.  Just send an email will a link to your sales page or your blog post and your followers will follow you to your site.

The third sure-fire way to get instant traffic is to find a joint venture partner that has a responsive list or a site that gets a lot of targeted traffic.  They send an email to their list that includes your link, or they write an article on their blog that includes your link, and you get traffic to your site.  In exchange, you offer compensation, which can be a percentage of the sales generated or a lump sum fee.  Or, if you have a list or a site that gets traffic, you can also do in-kind exchanges.  You email your list with your JV partner’s link; they email their list with yours.

When you are seeking JV partners, it helps them — and therefore you — if you create the email for them.  This is called a swipe file.  They just swipe the email, set it up in their autoresponder, click send, and they’re done.  In fact, it’s a good idea to provide anything you can think of that will make it easy for your JV partner to promote your site — sample social media posts, banner ads, blog posts, and anything else you can think of.

So, there you have it, three sure-fire ways to get instant traffic: PPC, lists, and joint ventures.  Make them complement each other.  Use PPC and JV partnerships to drive traffic to your squeeze page, where you give away your freebie and build your list.  With all three traffic strategies in place, you’ll have some sure-fire ways to bring instant traffic to your site.

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