Don’t Let Blogging Stress You Out

Are you constantly comparing your blog to the competition? Do you give yourself a pat on the back because you think you are doing something better than your competitors? Alternately, do you get frustrated, and chastise yourself, for not implementing some successful strategy that another blogger is using?

If you are “freaking out” about what other bloggers are doing … Stop It!

Don't let blogging stress you out


Mental stress causes inflammation which can lead to serious physical problems. You probably have enough stress in your life already. The world we live in is constantly hectic, and you never have enough time in your day to do everything you schedule. On top of this, new problems arise which add to your workload, meaning even more stress. Continue reading “Don’t Let Blogging Stress You Out”

How to Create an Editorial Blog Calendar

An editorial blog calendar can make your blog more successful and make you more productive.  What’s an editorial blog calendar?  It’s a tool used by print and virtual publishers, businesses, bloggers and others to control the publication of content. It saves you valuable time by keeping you organized, and ends up making your blog more professional, consistent and successful.

An editorial blog calendar gives you a plan for your content, its creation, and delivery.

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How Often Should You Blog?

In the early days of blogging, bloggers had the same question that you may have yourself — how often should you blog?  For whatever reason, many bloggers thought the “once a week” schedule for boosting new content to your blog was optimal. The thinking was that if you kept Uncle Google happy, you would receive a lot of traffic. So bloggers figured they should publish once a week.  Those 52 pieces of new content on their blog each year would keep the search engines happy.  With that much new content, Uncle Google would reward bloggers with lots of traffic.

how often should you blog

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4 Ways To Automate Your Blog

Running a successful blog is a tough business. There is so much to do on a daily and weekly basis. You have to monitor and approve blog comments. There are new posts to write, you have to hunt down images and record videos, interact with social media and handle a dozen other tasks. Then tomorrow … you get to start all over again.  Isn’t there any way to automate your blog?

automate your blog

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How to Beat Writer’s Block the Blogger’s Way

There are times when a blogger, like any other writer, will ‘loose the muse.’ Every idea that comes to mind seems either trite or dull or, worse still, no ideas come to mind. What’s a blogger to do? How to beat writer’s block?  Here are five tactics that just might clear away the cobwebs and allow you to find an inspiring idea for another great post:

What’s New?

Start with the news! Open up your favorite news page or open a newspaper and see what catches your attention. What are the politicians up to today? Any pending legislation that worries you or flat out scares you? Or perhaps someone is running for office or proposing a law that you may want to publicly support.


how to beat writer's block

Some celebrity is sure to be in trouble again; have anything to say about that? Maybe you have an idea about who should be dating or marrying who. Have any prominent people died? A nice memorial post for a noteworthy person may be in order. What happened “On This Date” in past years? Some past events are worth researching and writing about.

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