Internet Marketing Takes Time

This internet marketing stuff takes time.

A few months ago, I published a PLR pack on JV Zoo.  I was pretty pleased with it.  I loved researching and writing it.  I’ve been bookish since I was a kid and reading and writing have always been the kind of thing I loved to do.  In fact, recently I was doing a guided meditation on motivation.  The guide said to think of one of my favorite childhood memories.  I remembered a day when my mother took my sisters and me to my aunt’s house to swim in the pool.  I took a big stack of books with me and sat by the pool and read.  And that was one of my favorite childhood memories.

So researching and writing my PLR pack suited me perfectly.  When I published it, I made several hundred dollars.  In the several years that I have tried, with greater and lesser fervor, to build an online business, I haven’t been so successful with anything else.

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