Communication with Your Target Audience

As you may know, financial problems are the leading cause of divorce.  And the second leading cause of a failed marriage?  A lack of communication.  Now, why on earth would I be talking about causes of divorce in a post about your target audience? Because both your financial situation and the relationship you have with your prospects are strongly and irreversibly interconnected. Communication with your target audience should be your top priority.  So, work hard on getting to know what your audience expects from you and thinks about all the time. If you do, you’ll have a better relationship with them, and fewer financial problems.

communication with your target audience

Goes together like a horse and carriage . . .

The truth is, running a blog is a lot like being married. There are ups and downs. You’ve got to do a lot of hard work. Some days running your blog seems like the greatest thing in the world, while at other times … well, not so much.

You can have many more good times than bad when you treat your blog like a wedding license. Once that license has been signed (you start blogging), you have promised to dedicate yourself to making sure your partner (your list, your blog followers and readers, your prospects) is happy.

You have two ears but only one mouth . . .  

How you do this? You communicate… a lot. Do more listening than talking. After all, you know the old saying: you have two ears but only one mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you talk.  Just as you would in an important personal relationship, ask your audience what they want, what needs they have, what problems need fixing and what solutions have eluded them.  Communication with your target audience is crucial to blogging success.

If you don’t work to truly understand what your audience wants, you will never realize the incredible rewards that a healthy union between yourself and your target audience can deliver.

Now, since I have done all of the talking so far, I want to do some listening.  What steps have you taken towards communication with your target audience?  And what has your experience been as the target audience communicating with your favorite bloggers? Do tell all in the comments below.

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