Dog-Gone that Dog Niche PLR!

Are you a marketer who markets to other niches besides IM?  Here’s a popular niche for you — dog parenting.  Tiffany Lambert, the grande dame of PLR, is teaming up with her son to launch a new pack of dog niche PLR.
Dog niche PLR
Are you a niche marketer? Try some dog niche PLR!

 It’s a very cute situation.  Tiff’s a single parent and one of her sons is going off to college.  To raise money, he is learning the family business — writing and marketing PLR.  And this is a joint venture between mother and son.
They chose the dog niche because the family has a couple of pooches of their own and because that niche has been a big seller on Tiff’s PLR Mini-Mart.
And it’s not surprising that the PLR currently on her site has been so popular.  People LOVE their pets.  They spend a lot of money on them.  And they sometimes feel as attached to their doggies as to their family members.  Dog lovers have a lot of emotion invested in them, from their health, to their behavior issues, to their playful activities.  There’s an enormous amount of emotion that you, as a niche marketer, can tap into and help your readers navigate.
Here’s my link:

Front End Offer

The front end is a $7 pack of 20 articles — five articles each on Dog Grooming, Dog Health, Dog Food and Dog Training.

One-Time Offer

The OTO is $17 for a massive amount of old and new PLR.  The new release is a collection of 20 product reviews.  Do you like to monetize your blog with Amazon Associates links?  Then this pack will be a godsend to you.
The oldies but goodies include articles on all sorts of subjects — potty training, dog ownership, dog grooming, dog beds, agility, and even — can you dig it?  — doggie Halloween costumes.  And finally, the OTO also includes short reports on annoying doggie habits and on helping Fido deal with change.

And a Little Something Extra

So what are you going to do with all that PLR?  Well, one thing you can do is take Tiffany’s How to Use Your PLR Challenge.  I took that challenge with her and learned so much.  And if you buy through my link, you’ll find a file in the JV Zoo download section that contains a coupon code for a $27 discount.  So you’ll get it for $20 instead of $47.  (For the math challenged, that’s more than half off.)
Here’s my link again
And don’t forget to look for the link for my bonus — click on that to get the link to the How to Use Your PLR Challenge and the coupon code.
Honestly, people spend a lot of money on pets.  And they spend a lot of time online trying to find solutions to the problems they have with them.  If you are in the pet niche, or think it might be a good fit for you, this dog niche PLR package may be just the thing you need.

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