Edit Your PLR E-Book to Make It Your Own

The two chief features of PLR are kind of contradictory.  On the one hand, PLR is done for you and you can publish it as is.  On the other hand, you can edit your PLR however you wish to make it your own.

Now, which do you want to do, publish it as it is or edit it?  Chances are, you’ll want to do both at different times.

I’m going on the assumption that you don’t need me to give you instructions on publishing PLR as is.  But I do have some suggestions about how to edit your PLR.  In fact, here are five ways to make your PLR unique.

edit your PLR
You can edit your PLR to make it your very own.

Create a New Title

Creating a new title can make a PLR e-book yours in a couple of ways.  For one thing, it makes your e-book different from the other packages sold.  The truth about PLR is that many people will buy it and use it.  And many of them will use it without editing it.  So the same PLR e-book can show up on different sites, looking the same.  A new title can make yours stand out from the rest.

Creating a new title also does something else for you.  It’s the first step in giving a PLR e-book your own slant.  And that’s one way to market it to your particular target audience in your particular niche.

Say you buy a PLR e-book that comes with a title like, “Plant-Based Diets for You.”  You can change it depending on your niche and your target audience.  You can do something like this:

  • Plant-Based Diets for Weight Loss
  • Go Plant-Based to Lower Your Cholesterol
  • Choose a Plant-Based Diet to be Kind to the Earth
  • An Animal Lover’s Guide to a Plant-Based Diet

Your title gives you a chance to start your marketing and community-building activities immediately.

Reword the Content

Like changing the title, there are a couple of reasons you would want to edit the content.

First, if you want to give your title a slant, you’ll want to carry it through the content of your e-book.  That may not require you to edit more than a few pages.

Start again with a straight-forward e-book about plant-based diets.  To turn it into a guide for animal lovers to stop eating meat, you may only need to write a new introduction and a new conclusion.   Go through it, though, to make the change in focus consistent throughout the book.

Rewording the content does something else for you, though, besides establishing the slant for your e-book.  It also gives you a chance to let your personality shine through.  Editing your PLR allows you to showcase your own panache, your own style, your own . . . je ne sais quoi.  So do it.  Go be Lady Gaga.

edit your PLR
Edit your PLR so it reflects your own personality.

Add More Content

So you can edit your PLR by rewriting some or all of the content.  You can also do it by simply adding more content.  Add your own pearls of wisdom to the text that’s already there.

And if you have none of your own pearls of wisdom (and I find that hard to believe) but you have other PLR on the same topic, add it to the mix.  You enrich one PLR product by adding other PLR content to it.

Create a New Cover

You can freshen up the look of your e-book by changing the look of your cover.  You may need to do this anyway if you are changing the title or adding your name as the author.

If you like the cover that your PLR came with, you can keep the theme and just make small changes to it.  PLR sellers will usually include editable files of the graphics so you can update the cover on Photoshop.  Or if you don’t know Photoshop, hire it out.

On the other hand, you can do a wholesale change, and hire someone to create a whole new cover for you.  The new cover can incorporate your new title and your name.  And it can just be a new look, unique to you.

Add Your Branding

If your product line has a “look,” you can re-create the look of your PLR to be compatible.  You may have designed your own sales page, for example, and you’ll want your e-book cover to look the same.

Or maybe you are adding a PLR e-book as a bonus to another product.  You’ll want the covers to be complementary.

And maybe you’re going all the way with the “branding” idea and you want your products, your blog, and all your other online real estate to be recognizable as belonging to the same company.  Go ahead.  Go to town.

From changing your title, to changing your content, to creating a new, you-branded cover, you have a lot of choices.  You don’t have to do it all.  If you want to edit your PLR, make the changes that make sense to you and that will help you make your PLR your own.

And what about you? When you use PLR, do you edit it?  What kinds of things do you do?  Let us know in the comments below.

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