Where to Get Your Affiliate Marketing Content

To promote your affiliate offers, you’ll need lots of high quality affiliate marketing content.  You’ll need posts for your blog, content for your emails, tweets, Facebook group blurbs, and even more than that.  Where are you going to get all that stuff?  I’ve got some ideas for you.

affiliate marketing content
You know you need good affiliate marketing content to promote your affiliate offers. Where are you going to get it?

Write It Yourself

The first way to get your content is to write it yourself.   Now, now.  I can hear you shaking your head.  You don’t have to be afraid of writing your own content.  Writing blog posts, emails, and certainly social media posts is as easy as talking.

No, really.  That’s how people advise you to write for the internet.  Pretend you’re in a Starbucks talking to a friend.  Write the conversation down.  There’s your blog post.  The charm of this approach is that it exposes your personality and your voice in a way that more formal writing might not.

Hire An Editor

A twist on that is to write content yourself but submit it to an editor.  You can find editors who do good work for little money on Fiverr.com.  This might be a good choice if English is not your first language.  It can help a lot, too, if you feel very self-conscious about your writing sills.

Hire A Ghost Writer

The next step after that is just to hire a ghost writer.  A ghost writer will write your content for you, as much or as little as you like.  Once you get the text, it’s yours and you publish it as though you had written it with your own little fingers.

Ghost writers aren’t hard to find.  You hire can them on Fiverr.com, on other freelancer sites, and even on  Craigslist.  You’ll probably want to audition a few ghost writers.  Maybe you can hire two or three at a time and ask each one to write five short articles.

The reason for the audition is that a ghost writer takes on so many tasks that you’ll want to make sure that you’re compatible.  Ghost writers brainstorm ideas, research the topics, and write the posts.  And while they do all that, they try to sell your products and do it in your voice.

So give a few ghost writers a chance to do all that for you. See if you find yourself a good fit.

Private Label Rights

My last suggestion for you is to use private label rights materials.  Like ghost written material, private label rights (or PLR) is a type of content that allows you to treat it as though you wrote it yourself.  Once you’ve bought it, you can edit it however you like, put your name on it, and use it anyway you like.

Unlike ghost written material, though, it isn’t written exclusively for you or to your specifications.  PLR writers write a package that they think will sell.  Any number of people can buy it and use it.  As a result, it’s usually a lot less expensive than ghost written content.

If you use PLR, you will be limited to what you can find on the market.   Some affiliate products attract a certain amount of attention among PLR sellers.  So you’ll find a lot of PLR content on coffee makers and other small kitchen appliances.  There’s a fair amount of PLR on survival prepping equipment.  And there are other affiliate products that attract the attention of PLR writers.

But if you wanted to create a site around floor lamps, let’s say, or desk accessories, it may not be so easy to find PLR.

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t use a combination of all of these methods of creating affiliate marketing content.  You can write some, have an editor work it over if you think it needs it, find a good PLR package that addresses the product you are selling, and hire a ghost writer for the rest.

So, in other words, you have lots of options.  And given those options, you can certainly put together a blog full of well-written, high quality affiliate marketing content.  So what are you waiting for?

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