How to Write An Affiliate Review — 4 Necessary Elements

Part of your job as an affiliate marketer is to write reviews for the products you promote.   You want to introduce the product to your reader in a chatty and friendly way.  Give your reader information about the product while pre-selling them on it.  So you need to be able to write  an affiliate review.

write an affiliate review

I’ve got four tips for you to write the perfect affiliate product review. If you follow these tips, you will be happy because you are bound to sell products and make sales commissions.  Your reader will be happy because you wrote a revealing and compelling review that led to them taking action.  And finally, the product seller will be happy to get a new sale and a new customer.

1– Don’t Be Hype-y, Be Even-Handed

When you write an affiliate review, you’ll want to focus on the positive features and benefits of your product.  But don’t underestimate your readers’ skepticism.  If you don’t mention any downside to your product, you may lose credibility in your readers’ eyes.  They know that no product is perfect, and if you aren’t honest enough to admit it, you might lose them.  And if you lose the reader of your product review, you lose their business, too.

So my advice is to be even-handed in your assessment of the products you promote.  It’s not only easier on your conscience, it’ll probably help build a stronger relationship with your readers.  Since they know you won’t steer them wrong, they’ll be more likely to buy through your link and to return to your site for more reviews.

2- Keep Your Focus Narrow

Pick a niche and stick with it. Your site should be focused on a particular niche and all of the content on your site should relate to it.  You may have a blog that is just comprised of affiliate reviews — Halloween costumes, say, or electronics.  Or you may have a site that has lots of content, not just affiliate reviews, on a subject, like gardening or cooking.

Either way, stick to your topic.  There are a few reasons for that.  First of all, you’ll gain better traction with your readers.  If your content is all about fountain pens, then fountain pen aficionados will find exactly what they’re looking for and will keep coming back.  But if you publish a couple of reviews on fountain pens, then you write an affiliate review on toaster ovens, and then a few on kites, your fountain pen aficionados will move on.

You want to be narrow for SEO purposes, too.  A site that is dense with closely-related long-tail keywords will rank better than one with a diffuse smattering of keywords.

And it’s better for your reputation for you to stay narrow, too.  You develop authority and recognition as someone with expertise in that niche.  That kind of recognition won’t happen if your write about all sorts of things on the same blog.

So keep all of your affiliate reviews within the same niche.  It will be more rewarding for you in many ways.

3– Write to An Audience of One

This is a core copywriting technique that has made millionaires in a wide variety of fields.  Never forget that your review is read by only one person at a time.  So write to that one person.  Don’t fall into the habit of writing to a group.

Write casually, with short sentences and simple words.  Write as though you were speaking to a friend you met at Starbucks.  Be honest and even-handed about the product.  Share both facts and opinions, always keeping in mind that you are writing for a single person.

You’ll get more engagement with your reader.  You’ll be able to be more persuasive with her and will find that you make more sales.

4– Include a Clear Call to Action

Never leave your reader wondering what to do next.  Once you have described both the pros and the cons of the product, be sure your reader knows what to do to purchase it.  When you write an affiliate review, always include an unmistakable call to action.  Something along the lines of “click here to purchase now” or at least “click here for more information.”  After all, you won’t get paid until they get to the sales page and make a purchase.

But so far I’ve been doing all the talking.  Now I’d like to hear from you.  What other elements do you think you should include when you write an affiliate review?  Let us know in the comments.




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