Overcome Your Customers’ Barriers to Sale to Sell More PLR Products

So you bought your PLR and you’ve edited it exactly the way you want it.  Then you set up a minisite to sell it.  Now, how do you get them to hand over their cash?  You’ll need to overcome their barriers to sale.

barriers to sale
To get your customers to hand over their cash, you’ll need to overcome their barriers to sale.

Of course, your sales page will have a lot to do with how your product sells.  But more than that, you’ll need to overcome your customer’s barriers to sale before they fork over their cold, hard cash.

Barriers to sale are those inhibitions that you’ve probably felt yourself.  You’re interested, you want to, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Here are some tips to help you overcome your customer’s barriers to sale.

Earn their Trust

Successful marketers have a following that trusts them.  It takes time and work to build that trust.  Every action you take building your business should reflect your commitment to building that trust.

You customers need to know that, on a basic level, you won’t cheat them by taking their money and not delivering the product.  They also need to trust that the product will be excellent and that you will be responsive if they encounter problems with the product.

While you are building your trust with your following, make sure you have the tools in place to support you in that effort.

Use Trustworthy Tools

Be sure to use a recognized payment processor. I recommend PayPal, a company with a good reputation and high visibility that has the capacity to process payments worldwide.

Many people who purchase digital information products with any frequency already have and use a PayPal account.   Their payment information may already be stored there.  It still may not be easy for your potential customer to whip out their credit card to buy your product.  But if they are already a PayPal user, distrust of the payment processor won’t be the problem.

Be sure that you have a good delivery system, too.  I use JVZoo (which, by the way, uses PayPal).  In my experience, JVZoo delivers digital downloads immediately and reliably.  No issues with paid products being lost in the spam filter.  Or floating off into cyberspace never to be heard from again.

Customer reviews have become increasingly important for online sales of any sort. But of course, they only work if they are transparent.  So seek the real reviews of real customers and include them as part of your sales page.

You should offer a full money-back guarantee.  It reassures your customers that you are willing to stand by your product.  Few people will use it but it will help overcome the barriers to sale for enough people to make a difference to your success.

And, finally, let your customer’s own experience with you be your best marketing tactic.  Sell them something cheap.  Then overdeliver.  Make it a real no-brainer for them to decide to buy that first product from you.  Then follow up with more and bigger products after you have proved that you are trustworthy.

People have barriers to sale for a reason.  But you can overcome them by being trustworthy.  While you are building your trust with your customers, put tools in place that will help you establish your trustworthiness.

Now I want to hear from you.  What are your experiences as a marketer or as a purchaser? Have you overcome your customer’s barriers to sale?  Have you had your barriers overcome?  Come clean in the comments.



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