Repurpose Your PLR for Fun and Profit

Do you know what PLR is? Do you know how to repurpose your PLR?

Private Label Rights, or PLR, refers to a type of license that some digital products offer.  If you purchase a product a product with PLR, you’ll have the right to sell it as though it were your own.

repurpose your PLR
Take that PLR and make it your own!

That is, suppose you buy a PLR e-book.  Of course, you can read it and learn from it.  But beyond that you can sell it as though it were your own and make money from it.

But, wait!  There’s more!

You can also alter it or edit it in any way that you wish.  You can make it look different to fit in with other products that you sell.  Or you can edit the content so that you add, subtract, or simply change what is written.

And you can change the format.  You can turn an e-book into a podcast or turn a series of articles into a short report.   People often refer to that process as “repurposing.”

Here are 10 suggestions for ways to repurpose your PLR.

1-Make a Video

Create a slideshow using the content from an e-book.  Then read it aloud and record the audio.  Merge the audio and the slideshow and publish it as a video.

2-Make a Podcast

Skip the slideshow.  Just record the audio.  Turn that into a podcast.

And here’s an alternative — publish it as an audiobook.

3-Make a Longer Book

If you’ve got several pieces of PLR on the same topic, edit them all into a single, longer e-book.  Now, a lot of PLR packages will include some combination of an e-book, a short report, an e-mail series, and a pack of articles.  Or you may have bought a couple of different packages on the same general topic.

You can edit all that material into one longer, more valuable e-book.

4-Make Multiple Shorter E-Books

Or, take the same material and edit it all into a series of shorter e-books.  Sell the books individually or as a package.

If you do that, you’ll probably want to change the cover images so that they look like they belong in a series.  And you’ll want to edit the content so that it makes sense logically, with common sense divisions in focus between the different e-books.

5-Make a Short Report

A report is normally a short PDF that provides information on a particular topic or subject matter.  You often use it as a free give-away to collect e-mail addresses to build your list.

You can make a short report by massaging a pack of articles together.  Or you can take an excerpt from a longer e-book.

6-Make a Member’s Site

Add your e-book to the library of e-books behind the paywall of your membership site.

And by the way, if you have a membership site, it’s to your advantage to invest in a lot of high-quality PLR.  Each PLR product that you add to your site enriches it for your subscribers.

7-Turn It Into a Physical Book

Look into CreateSpace or Lulu.  They will publish your e-book on demand.  No need to invest in a large printing that may or may not sell.  Once you have your account set up and your e-book loaded, you can send in your orders as you receive them.  They’ll publish your book in physical form and send it to your customer.

8-Make a Kindle Book

Take your e-book, get it formatted for Kindle, and publish it there.  Amazon provides lots of support and marketing materials for you once your book is online.  And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Amazon reaches millions more potential customers than your site does, no matter how successful it is.  So take advantage of their clout.

9-Repurpose Your PLR into an E-Mail Series

Many PLR packages come with an e-mail series.  Even if you buy one that doesn’t, you can easily repurpose your PLR to create one.  Simply use individual chapters of an e-book as an e-mail series.  Or use what was intended as blog posts or articles the same way.

10-Do Something That I Haven’t Thought Of 

Ah, come on, man, I can’t think of everything! =)

You have so much flexibility when you use PLR that you can do with it whatever it is you need.  Manipulate the content between short form and long form.  Cross the lines between audio, video and text.

Make it visual, like an infographic or a mindmap.

It’s up to you, your needs, and your imagination to do what you like.  You aren’t bound by any rules.  You aren’t really even bound by your skills since you can outsource on Fiverr or Upwork.

Just take your PLR and make it your own.

What did I leave out?  Leave a comment and let us know how you repurpose your PLR.

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