Analyzing Your Website Traffic

Most web hosting companies will provide you with basic web traffic information.  Then analyzing your website traffic becomes your job. Don’t let all that data overwhelm you.  Learn how to use it to improve your business.

Analyzing Your Website Traffic

The first level of site traffic data that you will want to look at is the average number of daily, weekly, and monthly visitors.  Analyzing your website traffic will give you a basic idea of how much activity your website is getting.

But you need to go deeper than that.  You want a large number for average visitors but you also want to know what your visitors do once you get to your site. You also need to see how many pages they visit, which pages they are, and how much time they spend on your site.

analyzing your website traffic

If you are getting a lot of “bounces” — that is, people who land on your page for an instant and then click off again — analyzing your website traffic can help you discover why.

The problem could be the look and feel of your site.  Consider whether your color-scheme is off-putting.  Maybe you have a lot of images and it takes each page a long time to load.  People lose interest and leave before they get started.

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