3 Tips for More Success with PLR

success with PLR

Using PLR for your blog posts, emails, social media posts, and saleable products is a smart move.  Whether you love writing or hate it, you and your online business will probably find a place for well-written, high-quality PLR.  Here are three tips for you to be sure that you have more success with PLR.

Sell Your PLR E-Book as a Kindle Book or a Physical Copy

You can always sell a PLR e-book on your own site but there are ways to get more reach than your site can provide.

First, you can publish your PLR e-book on Kindle.  Now, publishing on Kindle does require you to format your e-book in a particular way.  And if you publish on Kindle, you’ll probably want to get your own book cover so that you can brand it as your own.  But really, publishing on Kindle is easy.   Then, once you’ve published it, you can take advantage of lots of tools that Amazon gives you to promote it.

And whether or not you publish it on Kindle, you can publish it as a physical book using a Print on Demand site.  On a PoD site, books are only printed when they are ordered, so your costs of entry are low.  No need to pay upfront to print a minimum number of hard copy books that may or may not be sold.

Either of these options will set you apart from the crowd and will reach an audience that you wouldn’t reach if you stopped your marketing efforts at selling an e-book from your own site.  As a result, you’ll have more success with PLR.

Make a Video 

There are a couple of ways to use video to have more success with PLR.

You can add a video to your sales page.  Video sales pages are very effective.  They’re great at conveying emotion and grabbing attention.  If you have a lengthy sales page, a lot of people won’t want to read it.  But they might spend a few minutes watching a video.  So you’ll sell more from your sales page if you have a video on it.

Another way to use video is on YouTube and other video sites.  You might take a different approach for videos like that.  Consider doing a free presentation — even a series — on a topic in your niche.  Your goal is to establish yourself as an expert.  At the end, present your e-books (or all of them if you have more than one) and a link to your site so that they can buy it.

In that case, you’ll want to have a central page with images of all of your e-books linking to their various sales pages.  Don’t forget an opt-in box to collect e-mails from people who don’t want to buy anything (yet) but want to hear more from you.

Don’t Forget That Everyone Loves A Sale

I’m on a lot of lists of content creators.  A lot of them will run sales from time to time.  Here are some of the occasions that they run sales on:

  • Their own birthday
  • The anniversary of starting their business
  • Black Friday
  • Retirement of products that may become obsolete.  (Some content creators retire all their products every two years or so and put them on sale before they take them off the market.)
  • Seasonal sales at a time appropriate to their niches.  (Put your weight loss products on sale in the late winter, when people are looking ahead to bathing suit season, for example.)

Make periodic sales one of your marketing practices.

Now I want to hear your thoughts.  How have you found success with PLR?  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.