Keep Your Blog Visitors Coming Back

Every blogger wants the same thing:  to keep your blog visitors coming back.  When you have repeat readers, you have a chance to build community and credibility.  Making sales to regular readers is easier than to first-time blog visitors.  You can introduce your goods and services to your audience and create buzz about new launches.

And if you can keep your blog visitors coming back, it gives you a great opportunity to learn from your audience.  You’ll get their comments, their feedback on your products, and their questions in your field of expertise.  What a goldmine that is — almost a blueprint for you to plan your content and your next product.

Keep your blog visitors coming back

So how do you do it?  How do you make your blog visitors coming back for more?  Here are some tips.

Post Often

Want them coming back?  Give them something new to read.  Update daily or even more often if at all possible.  If you don’t, why on earth would your readers come back.  Surely each of your posts is a little pearl of wisdom, but your readers will only re-read them so many times before they move on for good.

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