Do You Need A Website for Affiliate Marketing?

When I hear people asking if they need a website for affiliate marketing, it reminds me of what I used to say to my daughter when she was trying to get out of doing her math homework.

She would be fussing and arguing.  And I would say to her, “If you spent as much time and effort doing your homework as you spend trying to get out of it, you’d be finished by now and you could go out and play with your friends.”

website for affiliate marketing
Don’t waste your energy on trying to get out of doing your homework. Just do your homework.

You don’t need a website for affiliate marketing

Do you need a website for affiliate marketing?  No.  But it’s easy and cheap to start a WordPress blog.  If you look hard enough, you can get webhosting for a couple of dollars a month and they’ll throw in a free domain.

Once you’ve made that enormous investment, you can have a blog installed in 15 minutes or less.  So why try to find a work-around?  Just put up a blog.

But yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website.  The trick is to post in a forum or a social media site and use your affiliate link directly to the product’s sales page.

Now, there are social media sites (and other sites, too) that won’t accept affiliate links.  Violating the terms of service and putting affiliate links up anyway can get your post removed or even get your account banned.  And some affiliate sites require you to have your own site and won’t permit their links on social media sites.

So read the TOS, of both the social media site and the affiliate site, and be sure you comply with them. And don’t forget that TOS change often and without notice.  So what works for a while may not work forever.

But you should just go ahead and put up a website anyway

And that gets me back to the conversation I had with my daughter when she was trying to get out of doing her math homework.  Just do your homework.  It’s easier than trying to get out of it.

website for affiliate marketing
Do you need a website for affiliate marketing? No. But put one up anyway.

Just get yourself a website for affiliate marketing.  Put up a WordPress blog.  It’s easier than trying to do affiliate marketing on social media.  Your website will be your own property.  No one can change the TOS out from under you or ban your account because you posted an affiliate link.

In fact, once you have a blog, you have more power to do more and better affiliate marketing.  Provide valuable information so that you gain a readership who comes to trust you.  Offer a freebie to get people to sign up for your email campaigns.  Cross-sell and upsell complementary affiliate products along with your main product.

So, yeah, you can do affiliate marketing without a website.  But why bother?

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