Use Surveys to Build a Deeper Relationship With Your Target Audience

Here’s a net trick.

It’s a way to make your blog more successful. It’s a way to simultaneously find out the deepest desires and problems your target audience has. After all, you want to know exactly what your prospects need and desire, maybe to some extent better than they do.  That can help you form a profitable, healthy, long-lasting relationship with your target audience.


Relationship with your target audience

Now, what exactly is this neat trick?  It’s a survey.

Use a survey to build a deeper relationship with your target audience

Don’t worry.  You don’t need to figure out how to set up a survey.  You can use a product like Survey Monkey.  Survey Monkey is free to use, helps you build your list, and at the same time discovers just what is on the mind of your audience.

Survey Monkey is just one of several free and paid survey services. If you don’t want to use Survey Monkey, use TypeForm, Google Forms, Zoho Survey, Survey Gizmo or one of the other top survey tools available. They all ask your audience what they need from you, and have some wonderful tools and accessories that make relationship building on your blog super simple.

Many of those online survey tools integrate with social media and most of the top autoresponder services. The people in your target market feel respected and important, because odds are your competition has not engaged them in such an simple, fun and resourceful way.

Did I mention you grow your list while solving important problems in their lives?

Put free or paid survey software to work on your blog and on your social media accounts, and you will find the relationship you have with your target market becoming healthier as a result.

And now for my own mini-survey.

Question:  Have you ever used a survey to build a deeper relationship with your target audience and build your list by learning about their needs and problems?

If no, try it.

If yes, let us know all about it in the comments below.

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