What’s PLR and What Do You Do with It?

PLR can be a God-send to a busy blogger.  But what’s PLR?

In information marketing terms, a PLR product is material that comes ready-made for you to use as you wish.  PLR stands for “Private Label Rights.”  It can be a set of articles or an e-book.  Some PLR packages include other materials like infographics or social media images.  Others might have video and audio files.

what's PLR

What’s PLR and What Can You Do with It?

You can sell PLR, give it away, use it on your blog, send it out as an email series, post it on Instagram or do anything else that you can think of, provided that the license permits.  You can use it as is or edit it.  You can take some PLR articles, knead them together, and turn them into an e-book.  On the other hand, you can take an e-book, break it into sections, and use the sections as blog posts.

You can order a new ecover with new graphics to make it look like your own.  Or simply edit the ecover that comes with your package to change the title or add your name as the author.  There’s no need to credit the actual author.  In fact, in most cases, the license doesn’t permit that.

So, what’s PLR?  Simply stated, it’s pre-written material that you can treat it as your own work.

It’s the perfect business model in many ways because you don’t need to spend lots of time or money developing your own product and yet you get all of the freedom that would normally come from having something of your own.  In many cases, the PLR seller will even include sales materials as part of the package.

Pay Attention to the License

Mind you, you do need to be sure that the license permits you to do what you want to do with it.  There are really no standard terms of the license.  It’s the PLR seller who decides the terms.

And you must be aware of this.  When you buy a PLR package, you are allowed to edit it, sell it, change it, keep it the same, or whatever you wish.  But your buyer can’t do that.  Your buyer gets only personal rights when you sell a PLR product.

What do I mean buy that?  Well, if you buy a PLR e-book, edit it is as you wish, and sell it on your site, your buyer may read it and learn from it.  Your buyer can’t resell it, though, whether they edit it or not.

You can find good quality PLR on all sorts of topics, so you should be able to get PLR material no matter what niche you work in.  Simply Google the name of your niche and add PLR.  So, you’ve got a search that looks like “green living PLR” or “healthy eating PLR”.  (And yes, those are real and very common search terms will return some very good products.)

So what’s PLR?   It’s pre-written content that you, as a content marketer, can take and make your own.  You can use it as it is or you can use it as a jumping-off point for content that you rewrite.

Do you use PLR?  Do you write and sell it?  What have you got to say for yourself?  Let us know in the comments.


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